CODE COLOR and SIZE: Kandinskij circles

Presentation: in small groups

Material: coloured paper, bristol type – Glue – Scissors – rigid circles of cardboard to be used as models.

Observation of the Kandinskij ‘s paint

and search for a rule: the circles are coloured, the size changes from the biggest to the smallest. Choice of coloured sheets (coloured paper sheets ready to use, sheets to be coloured, paper painted by the kids …) and the use of templates to draw circles of different sizes starting from the largest. Arrange the circles in a line from the largest to the smallest and superimpose them. Once you have found the right arrangement, the circles are glued so that each circle is placed at the center of the previous one. Then you can create panels or rows of circles and hang them joined together by wire line.

You can also use colour code and size code.